I’ve purchased and played Overwatch, but I just feel like something is missing.

The gameplay is fast, fun and furious. It is well designed for casual players with a set of support class characters that don’t require twitch reflexes and dead on aim to be successful. Matches are short so it’s easy to plop yourself down for a quick game in your hectic schedule. The set of unique characters and abilities are interesting, we’ll designed and balanced.

Sounds great, right, but it’s the characters and the effort Blizzard had put into fleshing them out with the release of CG movies and filling in the back story. It’s too good for a multi-player only shooter.

I want more. I want a single-player, story driven campaign for each one of these interesting characters. The CG movies made me think they should release a Netflix Original series covering the history of Overwatch and the war they won before being disbanded. I want more, and because of this it makes me feel like the game they delivered is a little hollow, missing something a lack of development of those characters. A missed opportunity, both to learn more about this world, and to introduce some unique gameplay which would not work within multiplayer. Consider for a moment the animated short “Alive”, which pits Widowmaker vs Tracer.

In this video Tracer falls through a cloud of gas and is disabled, Widowmaker’s has her dead to rights, until she uses her suit to roll back time and let her replay the momenent and avoid trap. This type of ability couldn’t work in multiplayer, but it could definitely be leveraged in a singleplayer campaign. At the very least I hope Blizzard release more animated shorts for more of the characters as the ones so far released have been excellently crafted and fully entertaining.

Here are the other animated shorts released by Blizzard, combined its about 35 minuts of premium CG animation. Enjoy!




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