Was thinking about what I wanted for my first post with my newly revived blog, and decided to take a look at “The Division”.


This was a pretty fun open world game, I enjoyed the look and feel of New York and the game play was in general satisfying. I, by nature like single player games, want to be immersed in the telling of a story, and the combination of the simple main story line along with the scattered stories of individuals surviving (or not surviving) a pandemic was interesting. This is not a deep game, it faced all the same challenges of open world games such as the limited variation of enemies/quests and at times a general sense of “grind” to clear an area, rinse and repeat. It has fairly well devised multiplayer, the few times I had a chance to really get in and run around with a group of friends it was a blast. The abilities each individual gains can be used tactically as a group, and can lead to some interesting team dynamics when facing boss’s and clearing missions.

As I worked my way through the game I took some screenshots of my character, the equipment and gear allows for a decent variation from one player to another. So you can feel like you are somewhat unique when running into other players in the world. I’ve included a progression of my character as I worked through levels 1 to 30.

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The core of this game was interesting, but once I reached level 30, and other games started coming out I found myself less and less interested in jumping in to run around NY. I never really became invested in the multiplayer, the “Dead Zone” and the grind for equipment levels to keep me in the game and I moved on. I am interested to see how the first DLC “Underground” is when it is released next week on June 28th. My hope is that between Underground next week and then the 2nd DLC called Survival, they flesh out the single player story content and find a way to make the Dark Zone more than a PvP kill box for those of us who have not invested the time (casual players) to max out our equipment.



The true progression of The Division will be seen in how the DLC expands on this pandemic ravaged world, multiplayer modes of play and hopefully a little deeper dive into the backstory.

For now I am going to fire up my Xbox , jump in my Magnum Opus to drive around the wasteland and crash haphazardly into scarecrows and raiders on my journey to Gastown.

PS: That was a hint, my next post will be about Mad Max